"Bayerische Schlosserverwaltung"

Neuschwanstein Throne Room ← 1. The throne room was created by E. Ille and J. Hoffman. The inspiration for the décor was the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Neuschwanstein Castle

     2. Neuschwanstein, a five-story Romanesque Castle. ↑

Original Plan for Neuschwanstein Castle
        3. Entwurf für Neuschwanstein gouache von Christian Janck, 1869. ↑

Painting of King Ludwig II, by Pilogy
                                                                                        4. King Ludwig, in 1865, at the age of twenty, painted by Ferdinand Pilogy. →

                                                                                           Facade of Schloss Neuschwanstein.

King Ludwig's insistence upon absolute monarchy brought conflict into his daily life with Munich courts, but his passions helped build three magnificent castles -- Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenschiemsee. Up to his tragic death in the Starnberger Lake in 1886, he continually strove to make his architectural fantasies a reality. Neuschwanstein, like many castles, was not completed as originally planned and the interior is still not quite completed to this day, although much of the elaborate interior is enough to make anyone happy, including a King.

Auf einem steilen Felsen in wilder, schoener Berglandschaft liess Ludwig II nach dem Vorbild der Wartburg seinen Traum von Mittelalter verwirlichen: ein hochragendes, weisses Maerchenschloss in romanischen Formen. Prunkvoll die Dekoration in Saengersaal und Thronsaal.


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