Herrenschiemsee Palace

Herrenschiemsee Palace
The Chiemsee region is one of the oldest holiday spots in Germany. It is a popular destination for people who want to enjoy the lakes, mountains, and unspoiled nature of the area. With Herrenschiemsee Palace, King Ludwig II planned a "New Versailles" after having studied the architecture at the original. As with Linderhof, George Dollman was chosen as the architect and the foundation stone was laid on May 21, 1878. It was completed within three years. Its similarities include a Latona Fountain (in front), The Hall of Mirrors, a Hall of Peace and a Hall of War, but the interiors exceed the brilliance of Versailles in gilding alone. Not to be missed -- the Bath, Dressing Room and the Small Mirror Gallery. King Ludwig only occupied this castle a total of nine days.

Die Chiemsee region gehört zu den altesten Fremdenverkehrsgebirten in Deutschland. Werden die menschen durch unverbaute Natur, den See and die Berge zum Erholden in dieser Region verfürht. Das „Neue Versailles" enstand 1878-85 nach den Vorstellungen Ludwigs II. Von der Dreifluegelanlage wurde nur der Mittelteil mit der grossen Gartenfront fertiggestellt. Spiegelgalerie, Schlafzimmer und Beratungsaal sind eindrucksvolle Zeugnisse fuer die mentalität des Bauhern.

Seestrasse 108
83209 Prien a. Chiemsee
(between Munich and Salzburg)
T - 0 80 51/ 60 90
email: info@chiemsee-schifffahrt.de

It is necessary to ferry out to the island of Herren Insel to tour the castle. This info. will get you in touch with those who can give you further information and reservations.

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