Chateau de Blois

Chateau de Blois Chateau de Blois
1. The Chateau of Blois combines four distinct wings around a single courtyard, each one corresponding to a distinct period and style, forming a unique panorama of French architecture. The 19th and 20th century restorations complete the architectural history of the chateau. (photo on the left)

2. The Louis XII wing was a discreet introduction of Italianate decoration, usually Flamboyant in style. The Northern influences are apparent, being built during the turn of the sixteenth century, creating an interesting mélange of styles. The Fine Arts Museum occupies the former royal apartments on the first floor. (photo on the right)

Blois was the principal royal residence until Henri IV moved the court to Paris in 1598. Louis XIV's Versailles was to eclipse Blois with magnificence and size. This beautifully eclectic architectural wonder sports four contrasting wings -- the original 13th century Gothic wing, the 16th century Francois I with its beautiful projecting staircase tower, the Italianate Louis XII wing in red brick, and the Gaston d'Orleans wing from the 17th century. The interiors are rich in variations and history.

Das Schloss besteht aus vier Gebaudekomplexen: Das Halle aus dem Gruendstucken in spaetgotischem Stil erbaut mittelalterlichen bei den Grafen aus Blois. Dem Louis XII Flugel im Stil Flamboyant aus 1500 Jahrhundert, dem Francois Ier Flugel mit der beruhmten Treppe, 1515-24 errichtet, eines der herrlichsten Beispiele franzosischer Renaissancearchitektur; und dem Gaston d'Orleans Flugel, der 1635-38 von Mansart in rein klassichem Stil erbaut werde.

Blois continuée á être une ville importante dans le Royaume jusqu'a avers1524. Sur la cour intérieure se trouve le célèbre escalier en colimaçon qui est une synthèse très réussie de l'influence médiévale, gothique et italienne.

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